Concierge services

We truly have no limits with regards to what we can and will provide for hospitality services – our goal is very simple; to help allow you more time – to do the things you enjoy doing.

The Host Concierge Team is very excited to provide you with full hospitality concierge services. These services can include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Preparing your home for arrival – from greeting cards, flowers, foods & beverages – to setting the ambiance with candles, fire and/or music
  • Personal assistance – by shopping for you and getting everything stocked and arranging services – so once you arrive – all you will have to do is focus on enjoying your time
  • Plan and organize your next special occasion. We can arrange your personal chefs, catering services, additional tables & chairs, decorations, flowers, music and more
  • Recreation opportunities are endless in our area – let us help you plan your next excursion, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, boating or playing in the snow
  • To Do lists take away from the precious time you’re able to spend here – let Host help take care of your list so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy. From vehicle care to assembling toys to hauling unwanted items to the dump – Host can truly help you accomplish anything
Personal Chefs can be setup for your next party
Massage and Mani-pedi can be booked at a local spa
Many outdoor activities in Central Washington's Cascade Mountains
Arrival Amenities

Concierge Services

Host Concierge and Maintenance is your one-stop partner for everything hospitality! We get it – too much to do and too little time – so let us help you succeed with your ‘To Do’ list!


Arrival Amenities

Special guests or special occasion? Let us prepare your home for arrival and set the ambiance for you, greeting cards, flowers, gifts, foods, beverages, climate control, music, and more.

Personal Assistance

Personal Shopping getting groceries

We will run your errands so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your time with family and friends. Personal shopping, stocking, laundry, transportation, childcare, pet care, whatever you need.

Event Organization

Catering for your next occasion

From organizing a dinner party to planning a special event, Host can help! We can arrange for a personal chef, catering services, music, decorations, additional furniture and more.

Personal Care

We can arrange a spa session for you

Enjoy your stay by letting us set up appointments for a massage, spa, mani-pedi, yoga, personal trainer, cosmetics – either in your home or at a local business location.


Fishing opportunities galore in the Cascade Mountain rivers

So much to do, so little time… we can arrange summer and winter activities. From fly-fishing, golf, biking, horseback riding or watercraft rentals – to snowmobiling, or snowshoeing.

Vehicle Care

Detailing of your car can be set up

We can arrange for maintenance for your car, off-road or recreational vehicle, as well as washing, detailing, tire repair, or even to gas up before your next trip.

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Host hospitality services will free up your valuable time and help you relax.